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Water purification system in ernakulam
Acquatrent water treatment plant ernakulam


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Media filtration is used in the water treatment process to remove many solids from water or wastewater and requires little maintenance. Media filtration is a type of filter process when water passes through the filtration media it will remove solids from the liquid.  Complete Water Solutions media filters are used for filtering out numerous small particles, including sediment, iron, chlorine, and organic materials.  The top layer of the filter media consists of fine sand, which removes the small particles. The underlying layers of the filter media support the sand and allow for efficient drainage of the newly filtered water. The water source will affect which type of media is needed.  The process and time it takes for the water to pass through the water filtration system is dependent on what the water will be used for. Media filtration is suitable for all types of water systems, ranging from industrial applications to commercial use.

Multi media filtration/Sand Filter/Activatedn Carbon Filter/Iorn Removal in Ernakulam

What Is Removed?

  • Sediment

  • Iron

  • Chlorine

  • Organics

  • Solids

Depending on where your water comes from, various pollutants can end up in your system. Media filtration systems from Complete Water Solutions can remove some of the significant offenders from your water source. Particulate sediment and organic materials are usually attributed to groundwater leaks and can lead to low water quality in your facility. Chlorine can make water not desirable for some processes, while iron can eventually corrode pipes over time, and cause color staining issues. A Complete Water Solution media filter can prevent these problems, resulting in better water quality.

Whether you know what kind of water filtration product you need or have questions about the right equipment for your system, one of our qualified experts is available. Our water filter systems are used in turbidity (Haziness) reduction, facility water, and cooling water, among other applications. Your business may even lease water filtration equipment to save on costs. Having a properly working water treatment system, you can rely on will create a world of difference. From keeping your closed water loop machinery running smoothly to keeping your production water clean, Complete Water Solutions has done it all.

Acquatrent Water Filtration Plant

The Complete solution of your water problems

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